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Tonight marks the first night in my kids’ lives that they will share a room. Today (my favorite day of the week, because they are both at daycare alllll day), I set the scene. I moved beds, creating a shared bedroom, and a playroom filled with their boatloads of shit. Hopefully, this will contain the constant chaos of roaming toys… but probably not.

I took great pains to make sure the room felt like half of each kid. I hung a few of Joey’s posters on the wall, and a few of June’s. I made up each bed with their own corresponding sheets: dinosaurs and flowers. I’ll let you guess whose is whose. I vacuumed, I consolidated, I rooted through piles of toys and books, picking out items to give away. I feel amazing about the change, but we’ll see how Joey and June take it when they come home.

This change has loomed on the horizon for awhile now, in preparation for our two-bedroom home in Costa Rica, where the kids will have to share a room. When my dad called to offer us an opportunity for a family trip to Jackson Hole in two weeks, I knew the time was now. Not only am I hoping to avoid complete sleepless pandemonium when we all share a hotel room in 15 days, I also want my children to learn to share space, both for the quality of their relationship and ability to get along (or at least practice doing so).

Up until now, it made sense for each kid to have their own room with their own things, but at three years old, my son is already showing signs of bold entitlement that may be quite normal for a kid of his age in this culture, but that still bother the heck out of me. I’d like to start teaching him that possessions are blessings meant to be shared, not coveted, and certainly not worth fighting over. This may be a tall order for a young child – heck, I’m still learning this one – but it’s one that I consider hugely worthwhile.

So tonight, we share! I’m not at all certain how smooth this transition will be… sometimes my kids surprise me and acclimate to change with exceptional poise. But, based on last night’s conversation about sharing a room, in which Joey seemed to think he’s gaining TWO rooms (and June sleeps in the backyard I guess?), I’m not counting on it.

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