Ice Cream Interlude


In the midst of a busy-ness hangover, Ben & Jerry’s is not the answer.

Have you ever thought of your body as an instrument? That every single thing you choose to do (or not do) either replenishes or depletes your system? My business cycle, much like my life, tends to happen in dramatic phases. I prefer to think of it like the ocean – a slow, calm week or two as the tide goes out, followed by wave upon wave of big projects and high-priority tasks.

Yesterday marked the end of a particularly strong wave. The last three weeks were a whirlwind of deadlines and to-do’s. Every day was a marathon, with lots to get done for work, and for our upcoming move. The house needed cleaning for showings, several client projects came to a head simultaneously. Add to that a visit from out-of-town family and bored kids stuck inside because of the snow.

It was three weeks of feeling tossed around amid the surf. And with all of that rushing around, the first thing I neglected was my instrument. I sat at my computer for hours on end guzzling gallons of coffee to jump-start my engine; stuffed my face with the worst possible foods at top speed, and topped off every evening with a few glasses of wine to unwind from it all.

Today, I feel depleted and stuck in what I can only describe as a busy-ness hangover. My wheels have stopped spinning, the scenery is no longer blurring by my window, and I’m operating in slow motion. My body and brain are tired. My inspiration meter is almost at zero. My instrument needs some major tuning.

When I experience days like this, hot tea usually helps. Detoxing from technology, taking a break from social media. Taking a walk in the brisk November air. Savoring the things that are real and right in front of me. A day or two of this and my cup will be refilled, my instrument ready to play again.

But days like these are such a good reminder to cherish and nourish your instrument in the first place.

Find little ways to be good to yourself, stay grounded, maintain connection even as you’re rolling in the surf. Eventually, the tide will rush back out to sea, your feet will find the comfort of sand, and you’ll be able to rise up, pick off the seaweed, and continue on.

Stress eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s will only slow you down.

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  1. Renee says:

    Ben & Jerry’s is okay in moderation though, right?! 😉 Great post full of so many truths as I currently endure the familiar whilrwind of deadlines and to-dos!


    1. TheLauren_E says:

      Omg totally. Just maybe not 7 nights a week? Haha. What do you do? The whirlwind of deadlines is REAL, girl!

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