Pretty (Incredible) Things: Start Your Thanksgiving Week Slacking NOW.


I’ve got a poppin’ fresh post all queued up to drop here on the show…

but, let’s get real, nobody is looking for life lessons this week.

[sg_popup id=”1403″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Thanksgiving is, traditionally, a week where nothing gets accomplished. We’re simply too damned excited about the food and festivities to come! So, in the spirit of the holiday, here are some of my favorite ways to waste time and get absolutely nothing done (just as the good Lord and pilgrims intended) #Blessed #Grateful

Gearing up for Black Friday/ Cyber Monday? Check out this awesome ONLINE PRODUCT REVIEW TOOL that takes all of the confusing Amazon customer reviews and compiles them into a quick ‘n dirty summary.

I’ve been a fairweather fan of Jimmy Fallon ever since he first appeared on SNL, ruining skits left and right with his incessant giggling. Still, his kind-hearted personality and childlike spirit are just so damned lovable, so here are his TOP 10 THANK-YOU NOTES, which remind us that reasons to be grateful are, indeed, all around.

TED Talks are the bessssst, amiright? How else am I supposed to absorb fresh information about every topic under the sun when I don’t have time to READ? Plus, it’s so lovely hearing another grown-up’s voice after 24 hours of non-stop tot-whining. Here’s a FANTASTICALLY SHORT, FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT TALK on saying thank you – with a surprising, self-aware twist.

David Sedaris is one of my all-time favorite writers, one whose books I will always buy, no-questions-asked, without even reading a review. It’s so rare these days to find writing that makes you lit-rally (publicly!) LOL. HERE IS AN ARTICLE OF HIS, formerly published in The New Yorker, about gratitude, theft and the joys and perils of living abroad.

And with that, I leave you to enjoy the hell out of your Thanksgiving holiday.

Whether you’ll be binge-watching Netflix, binge-eating pies, binge-hanging with family, or all of the above, may your holiday be filled with the things for which you’re grateful.

Starting, of course, with sweatpants.

See you next week – same time, same place!

XO – L

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