My mind has been consumed lately by zombies.

Not literally (obviously).

But I find myself wondering, in various situations and locations throughout my day…

… what would I do if zombies attacked right now?

I’m on the trampoline jumping with my kids trying to ascertain whether or not I’m strong and agile enough to yank out one of the metal frame poles in time to weaponize it…

I’m in a coffee shop writing marketing email sequences, wondering which items around me would make good brain-bashing utensils…

I’m getting into bed after taking pains to make sure the standing lamp is within arm’s reach…

Y’know, just in case.

And it’s not that I think zombies are really about to attack. I mean, it’s possible, sure. I’m a believer, I guess.

And it’s not that I have an over-active imagination that desperately needs an outlet (although, yeah. Probably that, too).

It’s mostly about knowing that I COULD defend myself and my loved ones if called upon to do so.

We all wonder this, on some level. Lots of folks think it’s only men who need to prove themselves and demonstrate their tribe-protecting capabilities.

Nuh-uh. It’s women, too.

Because I need to know that I’m the type of person who would be a hero – not the gal hiding in the corner, using another person as a human shield.

Not the gal who dove aside as my full-grown Labrador charged me and my 1-year old son in an effort to battle a deer.

(Don’t worry, my son was mostly unharmed and doesn’t even remember that scenario).

The thing is, we wanna know what we’re made of and there are few places in which to discover this information.

But I think we can make every effort to prime this sort of behavior by learning to trust ourselves when the heat is on, instead of shrinking back or questioning evvvveryyyything.

Which I do, all the fucking time.

Let’s just hope zombies don’t attack until I can get my shit straight.

Or zombie Labradors.

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