Can I Tell You This?

How could she possibly be expected to hear these things and NOT feel some sense of righteous indignation? Her firstborn had been immersed in the world of Stephen King. Fuck neutrality, this was war – and she’d already chosen her side.

In the Dark

Middle school science never prepared me for managing a 5-year old in existential crisis.


Summertime is my favorite. Every night, we sit on our back porch (which we can FINALLY enjoy without layers of coats and complicated zippered undergarments) passing a doobie back and forth, staring out at the view of our neighbor’s yard against a backdrop of low-slung mountains. And we congratulate ourselves on being so damned woke….

Safety Dance

She woke with a hankering for good, local beer in an ice-cold glass. And, although she couldn’t quite explain it, she had a feeling the opportunity for one would present itself soon. Still, not one to leave such things to chance, she stopped at the corner market to grab a Kettlehouse Pale Ale, making sure…