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The Long Drive

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My last post broke from the topic of work and business-building and, instead, grappled with the difficulty of facing up to failure and regret as it pertains to everyday life and the goals that we set for ourselves; more specifically, it dealt with the fact that my husband and I called it quits on our year abroad, because, apparently, international

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A brief interlude in the “Self-Annoyed: Solo-preneurship Done Write” series… because when we aren’t working, we’re living (and life has some pretty big curve balls of its own). Suggested soundtrack for reading: “There is So Much More” by Brett Dennen.  Everyone said we wouldn’t make it. Well, okay, not everyone. But I couldn’t resist an opening line that sounds so

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I used to primarily blog about parenting. It was a love/ hate relationship for me. While staunchly resisting the label of “mom blogger” and bemoaning the fact that most of my subject matter was only relatable to about 53 percent of the population – a subsection that doesn’t have a ton of time for luxuries like reading a blog, because:

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