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Game Change

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Alright, y’all. It’s time to shake things up a bit. This blog has always (and will, probably, always) be about storytelling through writing. The written word is my bacon ‘n eggs. Always will be. But this blog is about me AND you. It’s about us moving forward, however imperfectly, together. So, I’m adding more ways to engage / learn /

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The Long Drive

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My last post broke from the topic of work and business-building and, instead, grappled with the difficulty of facing up to failure and regret as it pertains to everyday life and the goals that we set for ourselves; more specifically, it dealt with the fact that my husband and I called it quits on our year abroad, because, apparently, international

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Big, Dumb Stallion

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Part IV of the “Self-Annoyed: Solopreneurship Done Write” series, where I openly battle for control over my mindset + wrestle with cultural myths about success. I’ve always believed, deep down, that successful business building is about more than just working hard – there’s a bit of luck involved, too. You can only get so far in life by waiting for things

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