From Another Country

Was this it? The moment somebody would call CPS on her horrific mothering decisions? WAS it a bad decision? She couldn’t be sure.

Mighty (in) Flip-Flops

But she also knew that Mother Nature isn’t always kind to humans too brash to acknowledge her unrelenting laws, like basic physics. And gravity.

Japanese Squeeze

Hello, Our company seeks a Customer Liaison Officers to help manage and facilitate communication with our North America customers. You were recommended by our recruiting team for the position, after assessments of your online professional profile. If you are interested, I will be happy to provide you with more details.Warm Regards. The email appeared in…


A brief interlude in the “Self-Annoyed: Solo-preneurship Done Write” series… because when we aren’t working, we’re living (and life has some pretty big curve balls of its own). Suggested soundtrack for reading: “There is So Much More” by Brett Dennen.  Everyone said we wouldn’t make it. Well, okay, not everyone. But I couldn’t resist an…