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Hey there. Welcome to my blog! In a sea of blogs floating around out in the online abyss, I hope you’ll find that this is one of the most non-bloggy ones.

See, I hate blogs. The whole “I’m sharing my completely un-edited feelings about everything and here’s what I did (and ate) today” vibe doesn’t work for me.

It’s painful. And boring.

If I wanna write up a schedule of my daily activities, I’ll do it in my journal.

THIS is not THAT. This is an exercise in storytelling. The stories are, admittedly, about my life and things I’m doing and thinking.

But I try like hell to put a nice spin on them.

I grew up reading Anne Lamott and David Sedaris – excellent storytellers with a penchant for poignancy mixed with a healthy dose of sarcasm and dark humor.

That right there is my total jam.

I like to think of myself as the child the two of them would have had, if Lamott had a girl and Sedaris were straight.

Because, as you’ll find, there is also an element of faith in a lot of these tales. My faith. In like, God and Jesus.

There’s not a whole lot of talk about it, because… let’s just say a little bit of God goes a long way (towards making things awful and uncomfortable).

So you’re not gonna see words like “blessed” or hear me talk about how saintly I am. Quite the opposite, actually.

I’m a reluctant churchgoer who smokes weed at noon on a Tuesday and throws “fuck” into every other sentence.

But I’ve got an eternal soul that, according to God and his words, is destined for holiness. So, I’m trying to live like it. Usually.

This blog – these stories – cover all of the ways that I don’t ever measure up to any standard of greatness.

This is my “dirty laundry.”

We’ve all got it. I was just born to air mine out publicly. I can’t help it. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, what can I say?

My gut feeling and hope and (I believe) purpose is to use my shortcomings and shit-shows to help normalize yours.

Because, let’s face it: we live in a culture that primes us to only show our best sides.

We’ve got Instagram and Facebook feeds full of cash/money/sex/beauty/perfection. None of it is real, none of it matters.

All of it is killing us.

This here blog is my effort to turn the tide a little. Even out the playing field. Sow some imperfection among the veneer of awesomeness covering everything.

And here’s how I recommend taking it in:

  1. Don’t read each post in consecutive order. It’s boring and will feel repetitive. These posts reveal a timeline of lessons learned in chronological order, according to each season of life – sort of like chapters in a book. There’s a section about baby-having, dealing with babies and new motherhood. There’s a section on money and talking about it and having (or not having) it. There’s a section on marriage and fighting and communicating better.Probably the best way to go about diving in to all of this is to use the search box (below) and find a category in which YOU are interested.
  2. Don’t take every word I write 100% seriously. I offer a lot of my own opinions and advice in these posts. It’s my blog, so I’m free to do that. This advice is what works for ME, which means it might not work for YOU. You may not share my same outlooks or perspectives, you may not like some of the so-called wisdom I provide. That’s okay. If it irks you that badly, I recommend that you start your own blog. Wouldn’t that be a fun and more productive way to manage your frustration?
  3. Don’t look at me as the model for Christianity. I’m certainly trying my best to live a “Godly” life. But, as I’m sure you’ll find out pretty quickly, I’m not very good at it. Like you, I have a lot of flaws and demons. These don’t just go away the second you decide Jesus is someone worth following. I make mistakes. I say stupid shit. I do things that some folks might find entirely un-Christian (like, say, smoking weed). If you want an example of what God is like or how someone who professes to believe in Him should live, read the Bible. Jesus is the only real example of that. The rest of us are imposters at best.

If you wanna know more about my reluctant journey towards God, check out my “about” page.

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I hope you will. If you’ve made it down the page this far, you seem like a keeper.

Cheers – Lauren “Lo-Writer” Gonzalez