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The Things That Come Between Us

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Change is a funny thing. It’s hard to get used to, even when it’s beneficial. Maybe the problem is that you never know if the change you’re facing is going to be 100% beneficial while you’re going through it. But change is a catalyst that keeps us alive, helps us find purpose and meaning, makes us new. It still sometimes

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A Bit of History, Repeated

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There’s a stigma associated with being an only child. Think about it: what comes to mind when someone says they’re an only? Weird, spoiled, controlling, anti-social, moody – these all, at one time or another, described me. And not without good cause – I’m a f*cking weirdo. I talk to myself constantly, I don’t adapt well to sudden change, I

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(How to) Make Talking About Money More Sexy

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It’s no secret that Hollywood doesn’t really give us the whole story when it comes to real-life marriage and partnership. In the movies, you see spontaneous romance, serendipitous connection, and instantaneous love. You don’t see couples who have to work at their relationship. You don’t see main characters bickering over who has the right to the last few ounces of

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