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The Things That Come Between Us

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Change is a funny thing. It’s hard to get used to, even when it’s beneficial. Maybe the problem is that you never know if the change you’re facing is going to be 100% beneficial while you’re going through it. But change is a catalyst that keeps us alive, helps us find purpose and meaning, makes us new. It still sometimes

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Don’t bring me flowers, I’ll buy my own (or, how fart-scented flowers and Lucille Ball completely altered my perspective).

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Short on time? Listen on-the-go: Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.  -Lucille Ball Last night, I received a text from one of my ride-or-die besties: I feel like the flowers I got this time smell like farts (crying emoji). She also sent a photo of

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Duct Tape + Glitter

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My husband and I had children 100 percent on purpose. We felt ready, so I figured it would be easy, effortless. But motherhood isn’t necessarily a natural skill; sometimes it’s learned through practice, deep discomfort, and lots (and lots and lots) of failure. I thought motherhood would simply be part of my already existing life; that children would integrate seamlessly

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