In the Dark

Middle school science never prepared me for managing a 5-year old in existential crisis.

Mighty (in) Flip-Flops

But she also knew that Mother Nature isn’t always kind to humans too brash to acknowledge her unrelenting laws, like basic physics. And gravity.

Far Too Many Fux

Awhile back (we’re talking last summer, y’all), I had the distinct pleasure of reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I say it was a pleasure because I have a life-long habit of giving LOTS of f*cks about LOTS of things… making it extremely refreshing to imagine another way of being- one with…


My mind has been consumed lately by zombies. Not literally (obviously). But I find myself wondering, in various situations and locations throughout my day… … what would I do if zombies attacked right now? I’m on the trampoline jumping with my kids trying to ascertain whether or not I’m strong and agile enough to yank…