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Love Before the Internet

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Reality refused to meet my sky-high expectations. So, I lowered them. I was born a hopeless romantic. Due to my life circumstance and trajectory, I was — for good or ill — enabled to stay that way much longer than most kids are these days, what with “sexting” and porn and the Internet. The Internet was something we didn’t have in 1996, at least

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300 years ago, I’d be dead already.

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“It interests me that, despite those who preceded us here, despite everything we’ve managed in science, we haven’t got a shred of information or understanding about what happens next.” – Norman Lear, creator of All in the Family and The Jeffersons (As told to Catherine Bradford and Gina Pell of TheWhatList.com) 300 years ago, I’d be dead already. Like, from plague,

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Waiting Out the Winnebago

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Part II of the “Self-Annoyed: Solopreneurship Done Write” series, where I openly battle for control over my mindset + wrestle with cultural myths about success. I didn’t even think twice about the email when it landed in my inbox. Trisha and I emailed one another fairly often, exchanging advice and lessons learned en route to building our respective badass businesses. Although

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