In the Dark

Middle school science never prepared me for managing a 5-year old in existential crisis.


My mind has been consumed lately by zombies. Not literally (obviously). But I find myself wondering, in various situations and locations throughout my day… … what would I do if zombies attacked right now? I’m on the trampoline jumping with my kids trying to ascertain whether or not I’m strong and agile enough to yank…

The one where I cry in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

DUDE. Welcome to Tuesday. Hope yours is going smashing-ly. For me, this was day TWO of slugging it out with some pretty horrific fear demons – a collective term for all of those terrifying thoughts like¬†you’re never going to make it… you’re a shit writer… nobody cares what you have to say… you’re just a…

To Mothers of Daughters

It seems unnatural to feel anything but adoration and awe toward one’s newborn child, and the guilt it produces is soul-crushing.