What Student Loan Debt Really Looks Like

When I was 7 years old, I broke my teacher’s favorite coffee mug. Miss DeLong. She never said it was her mug, but her reaction to my faux-pas (the unfortunate and entirely accidental result of playing the hand slap game too close to her desk) suggested as much. I don’t recall the exact mug itself….

Vagina Wars

I’ve been at war with my vagina for about three decades. It’s unfortunate, feeling this way about such a powerful, awe-inspiring organ – one around which I shape most of my identity. The truth is, I’m not that stoked to be a woman. A lot of the time, it’s a huge drag. At 33, I…

To the Next Generation: Don’t Make Work Your Calling

I grew up with two hard-working parents who weren’t totally happy with their jobs. In fact, a lot of the time, they were walking tumbleweeds of worry and frustration. This led me to the (quite logical) conclusion that MY job should ALWAYS be enjoyable – and that the only way to accomplish this was to…

Star Treatment

In a sea of petty bitches + trick-ass ho’s, I was a real show pony.  I got a taste for fame at a young age. At a mere 9 years old, I was hand-picked to play the lead role in my local acting camp’s rendition of “Peter Pan.” I was kind of a big deal….