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The Things That Come Between Us

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Change is a funny thing. It’s hard to get used to, even when it’s beneficial. Maybe the problem is that you never know if the change you’re facing is going to be 100% beneficial while you’re going through it. But change is a catalyst that keeps us alive, helps us find purpose and meaning, makes us new. It still sometimes

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A Bit of History, Repeated

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There’s a stigma associated with being an only child. Think about it: what comes to mind when someone says they’re an only? Weird, spoiled, controlling, anti-social, moody – these all, at one time or another, described me. And not without good cause – I’m a f*cking weirdo. I talk to myself constantly, I don’t adapt well to sudden change, I

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I’m always shocked at the steals I find at Goodwill. I mean, who thinks to donate battered three-ring binders to a thrift store? I couldn’t tell you, but I’m sure glad they do, because as I stood there gazing at them, amidst plastic bags of children’s toys and souvenir coffee mugs, my next steps became crystal clear. I paused, lost

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