My Marriage Doesn’t Match My Expectations (Thank God)

I never thought that I’d get married so young. Twenty-four is young, right? I never thought I’d have kids before the rest of my friends, or live in Montana, married to a man who hunts our meat. In high school, if someone had described my life to me, I’d probably tell them to fuck off….

Stop Wasting Time People-Pleasing

My husband and I had children 100 percent on purpose. We felt ready, so I figured it would be easy, effortless. But motherhood isn’t necessarily a natural skill; sometimes it’s learned through practice, deep discomfort, and lots (and lots and lots) of failure. I thought motherhood would simply be part of my already existing life;…

To Mothers of Daughters

It seems unnatural to feel anything but adoration and awe toward one’s newborn child, and the guilt it produces is soul-crushing.

The Fine Art of Adulting

We’re getting the floors of our house updated this week. I feel so adult when I say that. My husband and I are fairly good about saving up money to make home improvements when necessary, and as a closet HGTV junkie (haha, closet! Get it?), it feels great to spruce the place up a bit….