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How to Un-Friend IRL

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Ghosting is so 2018. Remember middle school? You’d start the year sitting with Jemima (or Betsy or whomever) at lunch, proudly declaring your friendship to the world with those glittery “best friend” heart necklaces from Claire’s. You’d plan sleepovers so you could choreograph fake music videos to Spice Girls and No Doubt while pretending to impress her (idiot) hot older

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Don’t bring me flowers, I’ll buy my own (or, how fart-scented flowers and Lucille Ball completely altered my perspective).

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Short on time? Listen on-the-go: Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.  -Lucille Ball Last night, I received a text from one of my ride-or-die besties: I feel like the flowers I got this time smell like farts (crying emoji). She also sent a photo of

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The Emerald City

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The first installment of the “Self-Annoyed: Solo-preneurship Done Write” series, where I openly battle for control over my mindset + wrestle with cultural myths about success. Four years ago, I quit my job. I ditched a short-lived, mediocre, accidental career in hospitality armed with nothing but a dream (or, rather, the dream of having dream) and a small pile of savings

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