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Dressed to Impress

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Dressing myself has never been my strong suit (pun intended). Without a sibling to mock and cajole me into leveling up my fashion game, I was pretty lost. Which is, of course, why I had two children – so that they never have to suffer my same fate. At 12, I became weirdly obsessed with over-sized T-shirts emblazoned with Christian-ized

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(How to) Make Talking About Money More Sexy

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It’s no secret that Hollywood doesn’t really give us the whole story when it comes to real-life marriage and partnership. In the movies, you see spontaneous romance, serendipitous connection, and instantaneous love. You don’t see couples who have to work at their relationship. You don’t see main characters bickering over who has the right to the last few ounces of

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Money CAN Buy You Love

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When I was eight years old, my friend’s mom took us through a bank drive-through lane for the very first time. It was spectacular, watching the little plastic receptacles shoot through the tubes, departing with a single slip of paper, returning with cash. It was a scene straight out of The Jetsons, and reminded me of the tunnels in Willy

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