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I gotta hand it to my mom. Even though I mailed her Mother’s Day gift late, single her out fairly frequently on this blog and moved 1,688 miles from my hometown, she still sends me interesting articles. This week’s was no disappointment. With a crazy-ass name like “A 75-Year Study Said This Is the #1…

Pretty (Incredible) Things: Start Your Thanksgiving Week Slacking NOW.

I’ve got a poppin’ fresh post all queued up to drop here on the show… but, let’s get real, nobody is looking for life lessons this week. [sg_popup id=”1403″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]Thanksgiving is, traditionally, a week where nothing gets accomplished. We’re simply too damned excited about the food and festivities to come! So, in the spirit of…

What Love Truly Means

Overnight, it seems, my son has morphed from a tiny, helpless baby boy into an obstinate, stubborn terror.

To Mothers of Daughters

It seems unnatural to feel anything but adoration and awe toward one’s newborn child, and the guilt it produces is soul-crushing.