What Student Loan Debt Really Looks Like

When I was 7 years old, I broke my teacher’s favorite coffee mug. Miss DeLong. She never said it was her mug, but her reaction to my faux-pas (the unfortunate and entirely accidental result of playing the hand slap game too close to her desk) suggested as much. I don’t recall the exact mug itself….

The Only Good Spider is a Spider Vein

I’ve only seen my mother wear shorts a handful of times in my life – a pretty courageous feat, considering I grew up in the stifling, humid heat of North Texas. No matter the weather, she preferred the full leg cover of jeans, pants or a long skirt, ashamed of baring her legs to an…

The Fine Art of Adulting

We’re getting the floors of our house updated this week. I feel so adult when I say that. My husband and I are fairly good about saving up money to make home improvements when necessary, and as a closet HGTV junkie (haha, closet! Get it?), it feels great to spruce the place up a bit….