Honestly, Y’all

A few weeks ago, I wrote what most deemed to be a pretty dark post. It wasn’t meant to be dark. It wasn’t a cry for help. At least, I don’t think it was… But several of my blog readers reached out to make sure I wasn’t crying into my beer with a shotgun in…

What Student Loan Debt Really Looks Like

When I was 7 years old, I broke my teacher’s favorite coffee mug. Miss DeLong. She never said it was her mug, but her reaction to my faux-pas (the unfortunate and entirely accidental result of playing the hand slap game too close to her desk) suggested as much. I don’t recall the exact mug itself….

What I Learned From Quitting Facebook

A word about self-confidence from the girl who (almost) shit her pants in 10th grade.  At 16, I came thiiiiiis close to being the first girl at Trinity Christian to crap her pants in the hallway. It had to have happened before… and it probably happened after I graduated… but, to my utter shock and…

The post I never wanted to write.

Story soundtrack: “Vertigo” by Khalid. I’m really not sure where to start… which is a bit of a first for me. My whole life I’ve had this gift for expressing myself through writing. It’s my favorite form of communication. My thoughts flow so much easier onto a page than they do out of my mouth….