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How to Un-Friend IRL

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Ghosting is so 2018. Remember middle school? You’d start the year sitting with Jemima (or Betsy or whomever) at lunch, proudly declaring your friendship to the world with those glittery “best friend” heart necklaces from Claire’s. You’d plan sleepovers so you could choreograph fake music videos to Spice Girls and No Doubt while pretending to impress her (idiot) hot older

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A brief interlude in the “Self-Annoyed: Solo-preneurship Done Write” series… because when we aren’t working, we’re living (and life has some pretty big curve balls of its own). Suggested soundtrack for reading: “There is So Much More” by Brett Dennen.  Everyone said we wouldn’t make it. Well, okay, not everyone. But I couldn’t resist an opening line that sounds so

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My Potato Mountain

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As a rule, I’m not up-to-date on the latest news. I find it increases my general feelings of paranoia and fear, which make it (more) difficult (than it already is) to love my husband and kids well and maintain a thriving business. It’s harder than you’d think these days to maintain a blissful state of ignorance, when social media feeds,

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